The EU: do practitioners need to do more?

Congratulations on the Viewpoint (WDDTY vol 13 no 5) about the EU legislation, especially the last sentence! There are so many of us out there with similar sentiments, all struggling in our relatively small organisations.

I have yet to come across one that covers all alternative practitioners and professionals such as yourself. WDDTY is wonderful, but something more needs to be done. Any suggestions?

I am currently trying to set up a local organisation for practitioners from all alternative disciplines to counter government, and particularly European, pressure on us all. – Carol Wadeson, Wirral

WDDTY replies: WDDTY has spearheaded the Health Freedom Movement, a ‘super group’ of practitioners’ organisations, patient groups, clinics, retailers and manufacturers of natural medicine. We have printed hundreds of thousands of posters and flyers about the EU legislation and our planned protest march on 15 June.

Any subscribers, including practitioners, who wish to get hold of our leaflets to distribute to friends, customers or patients, please write to Dominique Ray (or e-mail: at our offices. Specify how many leaflets you’d like (any amount is fine – we have thousands!).

Working together, we will see this legislation repealed. Join the HFM and help raise public awareness and protest this draconian legislation. The press may help us in the short term if it sells newspapers, but they have another agenda, as many may have spotted.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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