Toothpaste now SLS-free thanks to WDDTY

Some time ago, WDDTY wrote that Sarakan toothpaste contained SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate). SLS was present in Sarakan, but not as a foaming agent and in less than a twentieth of that found in most other toothpastes. Its purpose was to solubilise and evenly disperse the flavour oils.

We received many letters and phone call as a result of your article. In view of concerns over SLS, we had already been testing alternative formulas and the WDDTY article served to refocus our activities.

Although we have never had any adverse reactions reported to us, we are pleased to now be able to respond positively that Sarakan products no longer contain SLS.

The amended packaging states ‘No SLS’.

Sarakan dental products have no animal-derived ingredients, no fluoride, no alcohol and no SLS. They contain the extract of Salvadora persica, used for centuries to maintain healthy teeth and gums, and they are flavoured with the natural oils of peppermint, clove and geranium. – Ashley Morrish, Arrowmed Ltd, via e-mail

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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