Trigeminal neuralgia

We described it as the ‘worst pain known to man’ and a few of you who have endured it agree. We’ve been asked to help a reader’s mother who suffered from this for nine long years, and conventional medicine has failed to help the problem. As usual, you’ve come up trumps with plenty of options. Several suggest a visit to a craniosacral therapist, while others believe that chiropractic can help. There’s also a new branch of reflexology, called nerve reflexology, which could help. Practitioners who studied the Nico Pauly course are beginning to appear around the country, so ask your local reflexologist if he or she happens to be one of them. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are recommended by several readers, one of whom believes that a qualified acupuncturist could sort the problem in just one visit. Check out the teeth, suggests another reader. Her friend had a tooth extracted, after which her trigeminal neuralgia, which she’d been enduring for months, disappeared. A company called Bioflow, based in St Ives, Cornwall sent us a testimonial of one patient whose trigeminal neuralgia cleared after about 10 sessions. They are prepared to treat people for free if you’re prepared to make the trip to Cornwall. Homeopathically, try Spigelia.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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