Tuning in to a cure for ME

Re ‘the best alternative treatment for ME or chronic fatigue’ (WDDTY vol 14 no 12), I want to advise you of a very beneficial treatment I used when I had ME.

As a homoeopath, I naturally used homoeopathy in the first instance. However, my homoeopath and I found that the remedies were not ‘holding’ for long enough and that I would relapse into chronic fatigue quite easily. But my homoeopath had been experimenting with sound treatment, trying to find the exact ‘note’ that resonated with the patient’s energy field. Having found my ‘note’, it was transferred to a mini-disc, which I played for two to four hours a day or more.

I felt the effects immediately. My energy levels stabilised, I was able to do more during the day and didn’t relapse into flu-like states as frequently as I had been. I used the sound box for about three months, after which the homoeopathic remedies became more effective. Alongside a nutritional programme and extensive personal development work, I have now rid myself of this awful condition.

I feel this treatment will benefit others suffering from chronic fatigue. My homoeopath Charles Wansborough (tel: 020 8870 1808) is happy to be contacted for his sound treatment. I’m also willing to speak to anyone about my treatment. – Cheryl Edwards, 34 Nightingale Road, Hampton, Middlesex TW12 3HX

WDDTY replies: This cure is of particular interest to me as more evidence of ‘The Field’ effect (see our Living The Field course for the latest scientific evidence about sound, healing and health, and other new energy therapies.

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