Baywatch’s Pamela Anderson take note: women who have their breasts implants may later find it difficult if not impossible to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding will be a problem for most women who have had their breasts enlarged, but the degree of the problem could also depend on the type of operation.

For instance, no woman whose surgeon made periareolar incisions that is, cuts around the nipple was able to go on to successfully breastfeed, new research has shown. The technique seems to damage the milk carrying ducts. However, half of those who had a submammary or axillary incision were able to breastfeed later.

Researchers from Houston, Texas compared breast feeding difficulties experienced by 42 women who had breast enlargements against a similar number who had not undergone the operation. All were of a similar age, weight and similar experience of breastfeeding.

In all, 27 of the breast enlargement group were unable to breastfeed.

It’s been estimated that about one million American women have had breast implants, 60 per cent of whom were for cosmetic reasons. About 80 per cent of the women, according to another, worldwide study, had the operation before the age of 30.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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