The link between cholesterol levels and mood swings has been proved many times. Now researchers have found that it can also make people suicidal.

Men with low cholesterol levels are up to three times as likely to commit suicide, new research has revealed.

Those with naturally low levels are at greatest risk, but men whose cholesterol levels are lowered with drugs still doubled their likelihood of suicide.

This discovery was based on research among 6,393 Parisians. Of these, 32 committed suicide, and scientists discovered that men with low cholesterol levels were 3.16 times more likely to commit suicide, while those whose cholesterol levels fell by more than 0.13 mmol/l a year were 2.17 times at greater risk (BMJ, 1996; 313:649-664).

Further proof was provided by a study into 20 pregnant women. They found that common depressions after birth were caused by changing cholesterol levels, which are unnaturally high during pregnancy

See WDDTY vol 3, no 1 for more information on cholesterol.

!ABMJ, 1996; 313:664.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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