Breakthrough AIDS therapy has been scientifically proven to offer a full recovery for 95 per cent of all sufferers, provided they follow the course properly.

American doctors H E Sartori and Prof Hugh Fudenberg treated 165 AIDS patients for 10 years until 1992, using an holistic course called Life Science Universal.

Three-quarters of patients diagnosed as HIV-positive became HIV-negative after completing the course. Forty patients survived for the full 10 years after treatment, and 90 survived more than five years.

Within a month of the test starting, 12 patients had died, although many were already comatose. The cause of death in most of these cases was the overwhelming toxicity of their chemotherapy treatment, the researchers concluded.

The Life Science course involves use of ozone, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, herbal preparations and psychological reconditioning.

Sartori and Fudenberg say that a 95 per cent success rate can be expected if the AIDS patient is prepared to faithfully follow the full programme.

In their experiment, only 77 patients completed the programme, and only 51 had the full 12-day treatment. Yet all the patients, apart from the 12 who died, showed a significant improvement in their well-being, said the researchers.

Apart from the course, the doctors concluded that there are two vital and fundamental elements that have to be in place before long-term survival can be achieved. Patients must follow the entire programme and embark on a life-long “journey of continuous self-improvement”; and their environment, including family and friends, must be conducive to long-term “wellness”. Life Science Universal is based at 632 Lighthouse Drive, North Palm Beach, Florida 33418, USA (Townsend Letters for Doctors, August 1995).

Is HIV, after all, the cause of AIDS? New research carried out among 6,278 hemophiliac men indicates that it is. Of the study group, 1,227 became infected with HIV through transfusion. The death rate in the HIV group was 10 times worse, research by Dr Sarah Darby of the Imperial Cancer Fund discovered.

The pro-HIV lobby leapt on the findings, and claimed that, at last, they had clear evidence to refute the work of mavericks such as Peter Duesberg, who have claimed that HIV is a harmless passenger virus.

The Duesberg camp maintains that the study is flawed, and does not indicate the actual cause of death, the drugs the sufferers were on, such as AZT, and does not examine the survivors from the HIV-positive group (The Lancet, September 9, 1995; Continuum, vol, 3, no. 3).

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