It’s a surprisingly common problem in which one is suddenly engulfed by dizziness or loss of balance, causing a spinning sensation. It can occur at any height (even ground level)! What are its causes and how can it be prevented? First of all, check that your thyroid is functioning properly. Also, certain drugs (or hypoglycaemia) can be implicated here, so limit your use of those medications and of simple carbohydrates. One reader claims that vertigo can be tackled by the judicious use of gingko biloba. A McTimoney chiropractic practitioner of 30 years wrote in to say that many of his vertigo-stricken patients benefit from this treatment. And once again, craniosacral therapy is in order, as misaligned cranial bones can contribute to vertigo. If your vertigo is of the fear-of-heights variety, hypnotherapy may work for you – one hypnotherapist says he has successfully helped free many people of this phobia.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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