Veterinary medicine streets ahead of ours

I liked your Viewpoint column in the December 2002 issue of WDDTY (vol 13 no 9)!

Whilst on the subject of vitamins and minerals in dog food, here is what the packaging says about Vitacane Dog Biscuits:

“Wheatsheaf shape: made with added yeast to provide protein and iron;

Round shape: enriched with natural oils to help condition a dog’s skin and enhance the coat;

Bone shape: calcium-enriched bone, containing extra milk to ensure healthy teeth and bone development;

Diamond shape: contains salmon, a flavour for dogs, and essential fatty acids to benefit your dog’s condition;

Heart shape: contains protein and vitamins essential to maintain a dog’s vitality;

Carrot shape: fortified with real carrot, a natural source of vitamin A, so important for a dog’s health.

Vitacane Dog Biscuit Assortment is a complementary pet food for dogs. These biscuits can be fed as a treat or snack, or in place of the mixer meal as part of your dog’s main meal.”

Our vet told us years ago that veterinary medicine is years ahead of human medicine, too. – D. Jones, via e-mail

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