WDDTY: the grim reader

Thanks as ever for a gripping WDDTY November issue (vol 12 no 8). Editors always say ‘I don’t make the news, I just report it, so don’t kill the messenger’, but then we never see a supplement des refusées – that is, what the Editor chose to disregard, to leave out, to reject.

WDDTY is exciting, but morbid, centering on the adverse, the negative, the beware stuff. Is there any way (apart from Treatment of the Month) that you could uplift our spirits as a conscious policy?

Secondly, what a wonderful and timely dealing with colds and flu (chicken soup betrays your cultural background – joke).

Just one omission surprised me – no one spoke up for honey, simple honeycomb. Am I the only one who has any faith in this substance for symptoms and systemic conditioning? Is there research or are there reliable conclusions that have put off everyone else? I am going to take some convincing.- Ted Duke, Holloway, London

WDDTY replies: As you said, don’t shoot the messenger . . .

This was one reason for writing The Field and launching PROOF! – as a message of hope. See PROOF! vol 5 no 1 on manuka honey.

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