Why did the anorak-wearer cross the road?

Why did the anorak-wearer cross the road? Anorak wearers always look a little unhealthy. Now researchers can confirm that it’s because – indeed – they are.

But it’s nothing to do with germs that may be cagooled in. It’s all to do with the hood of the anorak and road safety.

When wearers pull the anorak’s hood over their head, they restrict their field of vision. This is fine if you’re only trekking across Antarctica, but dangerous if you’re trying to cross Hammersmith Broadway.

Researchers studied the field of vision of ‘healthy volunteers’ who tried on four different types of anorak. In each case, these articles of clothing restricted the wearer’s vision.

So presumably, these volunteers can no longer be considered healthy—they’re all in hospital after being run over (J Roy Soc Med, 2002; 95: 192-3).

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