Urine Sample Collection Information

The following information is provided for information purposes. In most cases, the procedures described below should be reserved for individuals subject to court order drug testing, or those individuals in drug rehabilitation programs. For routine drug monitoring, follow the instructions provided with the sample collection container.

Preparation of Restroom

In the event collection protocols preclude direct observation such as those mandated by the Federal regulations, the restroom facility should be prepared in such a manner as to strictly limit the possibility of specimen adulterations. A facility prepared as below has come to be known as a “Dry Room”.

1. Remove all powders, liquids, or any substances that could be introduced into the specimen. Check under the sink and any wall mounted dispensers. Be sure the trash pail is empty or preferably outside the dry room. Prepackaged towelettes for hand-washing may be given to the patient after transfer of the specimen to the collection agent.

2. Blue the toilet water with any variety of dark blue disinfectant/cleaners.

3. Turn off all other water sources. Some facilities find it difficult to dedicate a restroom entirely as a “Dry Room”, but this inconvenience can be made bearable. Under the sink, there are usually two accessible hot and cold water valves whose center screws can be removed, still permitting the handles to properly operate the valves, and be easily removed before the collection procedure. The handles may be replaced after collection and the water turned on to permit normal use.

A restroom prepared in this manner and inspected before each use will permit the collection of urine specimens with a high specimen integrity confidence.

Collection Procedures

When the patient arrives for the preplacement physical examination, positive identification by picture I.D. or other suitable identification should be provided. The patient should then be gowned for the physical. A patient in a hospital gown is much less likely to successfully hide a substitute urine during the physical and bring it into the dry room later. After the physical is complete, the urine specimen collection procedure should commence as follows.

1. Inspect the drug room for proper condition.

2. Have the patient complete any disclosures, releases, or waivers necessary (see Exhibits A-C). Do not allow the patient to bring any coats, purses, backpacks, etc. into the bathroom.

3. Allow the patient to select a container/cap and seal from several available. If a split specimen is to be taken (i.e. one for standard urinalysis and another for drug screening), a large volume container may be selected. All transfers of urine from one container to the next must be done in full view of both the patient and the collection agent.

4. Instruct the patient to fill the container, and close the door to permit privacy.

When the patient has voided, the specimen should be handed to the collection agent who then caps and seals the specimen in full view of the patient.

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Written by Toxicology Laboratories

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