Become Your Own Health Detective: from 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health for Women

Diagnosing your own health problems may sound esoteric, perhaps even a little dangerous.

Doctors diagnose your health problems based on the symptoms you report, scientific results on lab tests and their intuition about what might be wrong.

It’s not really that esoteric at all. Often you can diagnose yourself, or at least get a good idea of what is wrong with exactly the same information. After all, who knows your body better than you do?

Self-evaluation is the first step toward discovering –and treating– the underlying causes of your health challenges.

In her practice, Dr. Cass uses a general health questionnaire that gives her insight on what may be going on with them ad helps them to become familiar with her approach.

You can find that questionnaire at our website, and fill it out yourself.

The questionnaire includes sections on lifestyle, and stress, brain chemistry, sex hormones, thyroid and adrenals, blood sugar, digestive imbalances, toxin overloads and musculoskeletal problems.

Why use this questionnaire?

It gives you a structure to work with and helps you see the patterns into which your problems may fall.

This is the beginning of your detective work that will lead you to the underlying causes of your health issues and allow you to find ways to overcome those imbalances rather than simply treating symptoms.

For example, if you have gained weight and have difficulty losing it, the questionnaire will show you that you might be suffering from a brain chemistry imbalance or a sex hormone imbalance or low thyroid function.

If you add memory loss and difficulty concentrating to your list of symptoms, you’ll see that it is likely your problem falls into either the brain chemistry or low thyroid function categories.

And if you add yet another symptom like frequent headaches, you’ve narrowed down your probable diagnosis to one of brain chemistry imbalance.

From there, the book will show you supplements, natural remedies and lifestyle changes that will most likely improve your health.

When you’re armed with this information, you have begun the journey toward treating that imbalance naturally.

Dr. Cass’ years of clinical experience have given her an arsenal of natural remedies scientifically proven to help address the most frequent imbalances she sees in her women patients.

In their book, 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health: A Take Charge Plan for Women, Dr. Cass and Kathleen Barnes detail eight major areas of imbalance:

  • Stress and lifestyle
  • Brain chemistry
  • Sex hormones: PMS to menopause
  • Energy crises caused by low thyroid and adrenal overload
  • Metabolic syndrome and blood sugar issues
  • Digestive disturbances
  • Toxin overload
  • Musculoskeletal pain: headaches to arthritis to osteoporosis

Once you’ve narrowed down your health challenge to one or two categories, Dr. Cass recommends some simple lab tests. It may be necessary to enroll the help of your physician for this, but many tests are now available to consumers.

The results of those lab tests will provide more definitive information and give you an idea of how to treat your problems.

You can learn more from Dr. Cass and Kathleen Barnes in the second session of their no –cost teleseminar series on Thursday, March 5 ay 9 p.m Eastern, 6 p.m. Pacific.

Included in this session will be more information on:

  • The major area in which women experience health challenges,
  • How to decide which lab test to get
  • How to interpret the lab tests
  • How to use your intuition to help you find a diagnosis
  • How to make a treatment plan for yourself

You can join in the 8-part series of teleseminars by registering at:
When the series is complete, a coaching package containing recordings of all the sessions will be available.

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Written by Kathleen Barnes

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