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Man on mountain glimpses beyond normal life

Glimpses of Beyond

We have all experienced glimpses of a larger consciousness that lies beyond our personal identity and day-to-day life, characterized by a sense of ease, wholeness, peace, delight, and freedom. They are a welcome release from the day-to-day struggles...

Many hands grabbing a woodblock that spells Pray

Does Prayer have a Prayer?

You may have read that a major study concluded that prayer has no effect on the health of the person being prayed for. Many scientists greeted the findings with cheers. They hope findings will finally put to rest all this ooga booga about the...

Group laughing at humor

Holy Humor

Someone once complained to the Indian sage Ramakrishna that one of his disciples was drunk. “But don’t you think God is drunk?” asked Ramakrishna. “How else would the universe be so crazy if God wasn’t drunk?” Maybe...

Jealous woman looking in mirror

The Green-Eyed Monster

Recently, some colleagues and I were discussing the spiritual benefits of gratitude, when one of them asked, “What gets in the way of you feeling grateful?” As you can imagine, there were lots of responses, but one that just about...

Man overlooking view the ocean, enjoying a spiritual vacation

Sacred Vacations

Planning a summer vacation? Why not do something that feeds your soul and elevates your spirit? Instead of settling for mere recreation, consider spending your time and resources on transformative re-creation. Here are some suggestions. Take an...

Watching a ballgame on television

Sporting Grace

My wife says I watch too many ballgames on television. I tell her it’s an important part of my spiritual life. She rolls her eyes and laughs. Not without justification, I have to admit. Sometimes I watch sports with all the spirituality of couch...

Group of volunteers holding hands

The Gift of Service

It's that time of year when we think about giving (at least when we’re not thinking about what we want for holiday gifts) but our ideas about giving usually focus on material objects, how much they cost and what the recipients will think of us when...

Rendering Unto Caesar

As a political activist in the 1960’s, I was an avowed atheist who believed that religion was the opium of the people. Then I snapped out of it and became a spiritual activist. Now politics was the opium of the people.

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