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Thymus vulgaris


Thymus vulgaris Labiatae Names: Common Thyme, Garden Thyme Habitat: Thyme is indigenous to the Mediterranean region, and cultivated widely.. Collection: The flowering branches should be collected between June and August on a dry sunny day. The...


Rudyard Kipling wrote of the “wind-bit thyme that smells like the perfume of the dawn in paradise.” Ancient Greeks complimented each other as “smelling like thymbra”; their word thymain meant “to burn as incense,”...

Aromatherapy for the Heart and Circulation

The circulatory system transports blood throughout the body. It includes the heart and the blood vessels, as well as the lymphatic system, which supplies nutrients and moves cellular fluid through the system, cleansing the body of waste. Lymph nodes...

Woman making aromatherapy ingredients

Aromatherapy for Boosting Immunity

Natural remedies increase the body's resistance to disease by improving its ability to fight infection. No single essential oil will heal a person, but many plants have immune-modulating properties. As with any natural healing modality, essential...

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