Reader’s Corner:Mosquito creams:

Any successful mosquito creams out there, asked one exasperated reader. Needless to say, you’ve come up with plenty of suggestions.

Citronella formula was suggested by several of you, while another advocates acupuncture. One woman has tried a combination of 500 mg B2 plus a natural cream called Alfresco – and it worked. She road-tested it on a recent holiday in Greece, and she didn’t get bitten once. In similar vitamin B vein, several readers suggest brewer’s yeast tablets. Another recommends Avon body lotion (although she was quick to say she isn’t an Avon calling lady), while one reader swears by Buzzz Off Insect Repellent Spray available from New Seasons (UK tel: 01235 821110) – almost worth it for the name alone. Then there’s catnip herb, which some have said is stronger even than DEET. If you can stand the taste and smell, try garlic (either as a capsule or fresh), then nothing will bite you (not even a vampire, presumably). You could also make your own deterrent, made up of 4 drops thyme oil, 8 drops lemongrass, 4 drops lavender and 4 drops peppermint, all mixed in a 60 ml base oil. Apply to the skin, ideally a few days before you start the holiday.

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