Reader’s Corner:More things lice:

Your remedies for treating head lice continue to come in.

One woman mixed a concoction of light carrier oil with lavender, rosemary and tea tree, which seemed to work a treat.

A homoeopath suggests that, after washing the hair as normal, apply conditioner. The hair becomes so slippery that it’s easy to comb out the lice. Repeat every other day.

Another reader found that extra-virgin olive oil, which she put on to her daughter’s head while in the shower, seemed to make combing very effective. She shampooed her daughter’s hair afterwards. She repeated the procedure every three days until the hair was clear.

Finally, asks one reader, how come lice and other insects become resistant to chemical pesticides and not to natural pesticides? In the first place, many ‘natural’ preparations merely make the hair slippery so, until lice develop grappling irons, they will always be susceptible. As to developing immunity, logic suggests that they could if natural products were in widespread enough use. Any readers have other thoughts on this?

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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