Fibrocystic breasts

A 50-year-old woman has had fibrocystic breasts for many years. After a mammogram eight years ago, she developed an enlarged cyst. She has now started to feel different sensations in her breasts and wants some reassurance. Her medical advisors recommend a mammogram; however, she is reluctant as her breast tissue is so dense because of her condition. She feels that the weight of the machine on her last time caused damage to the cells and tissues in her breasts. Any suggestions? In the late 1970s Dr Sitruk-Ware discovered that women with fibrocystic breasts were oestrogen dominant. He treated these women with transdermal natural progesterone (not the same as synthetic progestins) and the results showed that the majority of his patients’ breasts returned to normal within 3 to 4 months. (Obstetrics and Gynecology, 1979). Dr John Lee’s experiences also confirm these findings and he recommends adding vitamin E (600 IU), magnesium (300 mg) and vitamin B6 (50 g) every day. He cautions that abstinence from coffee/tea/colas/chocolate may have little or no result. Mammograms are especially painful to any woman with this condition. Try using a natural progesterone cream such as Serenity Cream from Wellsprings Trading Ltd. One reader says that since she started using it regularly during her menstrual cycle, her breasts have ceased to be lumpy and she doesn’t feel the discomfort and burning sensations she previously did.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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