Some 52 years before Koch first isolated the tubercle bacillus for the tuberculosis vaccine, nosodes (homeopathic dilutions of the products of the illness in question given orally) were commonly used as just in case measures against a wide variety of diseases.

According to government statistics, the use of these homeopathic vaccines was accompanied by an amazing drop in the incidence of whooping cough, diphtheria, scarlet fever and measles in children. In all groups, the numbers of people of all ages contracting TB, dysentery, typhoid fever and Asiatic cholera plummeted (Gaier, Thorsons Encyclopaedic Dict of Hom, Harper-Collins, London, 1991).The few published studies to have looked at this area suggest that nosodes are effective at preventing specific diseases (Alternatives, WDDTY, February 1995; 5 (11): 9). In one large scale study, more than 18,000 children were successfully protected with a homeopathic remedy (Meningococcinum IICH) against meningitis, with no side effects (BMJ, 1987; 294: 294-6).

Before deciding to use homeopathic prophylaxis you should consider how great the risk is of contracting a particular disease.

Helios Pharmacy suggests the following:

1 dose (ie, one pill) only unless otherwise stated


Two weeks before departure Camphor 30 at bedtime and on rising (ie. two doses)


Eight days before departure Chelidonium 30


Seven days before departure Lathyns Satirus 30


Six days before departure Natrum mur 30

Yellow Fever

Five days before departure Arsenium album 30


Three days before departure Manganum 30

Every week of your stay:

Chelidonium 30 (hepatitis)

Natrum mur 30 (malaria)

During your stay:

If meningitis becomes epidemic Belladonna 30 weekly. If you get a cut or puncture wound Ledum 30 (tetanus prophylactic).

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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