Holodynamics: A Quantum Leap to Your Full Potential

The conference room at The Rancho Santa Fe Inn near San Diego is dim and
hushed as small groups of six people focus intensely in the process known as a
Relive-Prelive. Thirty adventurers in consciousness have gathered together
with Dr. V. Vernon Woolf, to take a quantum leap in personal and planetary
unfoldment during a five day, sixty hour Holodynamics Phase II Seminar. The
air almost crackles with the emotional intensity as one person at a time in
each group is guided through a very special journey. It is a journey which is
designed to remove the blocks to growth which have been passed down through our
geneological bloodlines, or are the results of experiences from “past” lives,
“future” lives, other dimensions or parallel worlds. The process is a delicate
mixture of the rational and the intuitive. Deep emotional release and profound
shifts in consciousness occur spontaneously, prompted by following intuitive
guides who create the journey within, and a facilitator who keeps the process
on track with respect to the patterns which need to be transformed. Each
Relive-Prelive is unique and fascinating, as the process of individual
development helps to unfold the full potential of the Reliver. Experiences run
the gamut from dealing with trans-generational family issues of alcoholism and
abuse, to mourning the loss of one’s home planet eons ago before migrating to
the earth, or another existence in a parallel world which holds the keys to
one’s growth in this one. Generational patterns are taken back to their source,
such as back to Abraham and the source of the suffering of the Jews, or to the
Irish potato famine, or to a limiting decision made by the first humans on the
planet and passed down through the generations. Projection into the future
yields some surprising predictions of what life will be like for future
generations. Personal belief systems are stretched to the breaking point, then
transformed to a higher level as the experience unfolds.

Vern Woolf oversees the process sensitively and intuitively,
intervening directly to help someone who is endlessly cycling through a left
brain pattern rather than surrendering to his or her intuitive guidance. Over
the past several weeks and during the first three days of the seminar, he has
tirelessly “set the field” for quantum shifts to occur in all of us. With over
20 years of experience in psychotherapy, comparative religion and research into
quantum physics, he is uniquely qualified to be our guide into realms where
some of us have never ventured. He has studied in detail each of our family
trees and the collages we have made in the process of tuning into our family
patterns. He has previously educated us in the basic principles of Holodynamics
in his Phase I seminar, and continued the process in Phase II by teaching us
about generational and trans-generational patterns of behavior which affect
whole family systems in profound ways. Through his lectures, delightful
stories and entertaining exercises, we have come to realize that all of life is
a complex web of energy, matter and thought forms called holodynes, all
interacting as particles and waves in the quantum field of existence.

Holodynes are multi-dimensional, holographic units of memory storage
which behave like living entities. They include aspects of consciousness such
as memories, beliefs, attitudes, ego-states, personality parts and behavior
patterns. They are created from experiences, sensory input, genetic
inheritance, imprinting, imagination, modeling others and from experiences in
this and other realities. Holodynes are like software for the mind, or in some
cases like computer viruses, which either perform well in a mature manner or
gum up the works. They persist at a particular level of development, generating
their patterns, until they are transformed to a higher level.

According to Vern, and other quantum thinkers such as David Bohm,
there is an implicate order to the universe, which underlies the universe we we
know it. This implicate order is made up of six levels, from the physical to
the universal, which corresponds to six stages of development. Everything in
the universe develops according to these same six stages, ie. physical,
personal, interpersonal, systems, principles and universal. Our holodynes may
mature successfully through all six levels, or because of multi-dimensional
factors, they may get stuck in the process and form immature personality
patterns and ego-states, limiting decisions and beliefs and creating all of the
problems which we experience in our lives. Our holodynes are not only personal,
however, but also the result of family and cultural patterns which we inherit
or model.

The secret to solving our problems is to intuitively determine the
holodynes which are creating the problems, whether they are personal, cultural
or geneological and to mature them up through the six levels until they reach
their full potential. When a holodyne has been matured to its full potential it
becomes an ally and advisor to us, rather than a limitation. Holodynes which
have been matured in turn serve the process of our total maturation by sitting
in council at a “roundtable” in our inner “place of peace”, to advise us daily
about important choices in our lives. These advisors oversee the basic six
levels of our development. The most important advisor is our “Full Potential
Self”, a mature holodyne which represents our basic sense of self, matured to
its fullest potential, with all the qualities of wisdom, compassion, humor,
power, love and more which lie within us. The Full Potential Self becomes our
primary inner guide for the process of our own growth and maturation until we
realize our full potential. Meeting your Full Potential Self in your place of
peace is a moving and profound experience.

Holodynamics has two primary processes. The first, taught in Phase 1,
is Tracking and Potentializing, the second, taught in Phase II, is the
Relive-Prelive. Tracking and Potentializing is the process of maturing your
personal holodynes which are limiting your growth and subse- quently
manifesting your full potential in all areas of life. Tracking involves
identifying the holodyne, finding out its real intention and creating the
mature holodyne which is the realization of that intention. Through the power
of love and acceptance, the immature holodyne is trans- formed into its higher
form, unleashing tremendous amounts of creative energy. Potentializing uses
this energy to manifest the mature holodyne in the outer world to solve the

The Relive-Prelive matures up the holodynes of your family, culture and
other dimensions of your life. Through these processes, you can accelerate
your growth tremendously in order to reach your full potential as a human
being. You can also transform your relationships, the organizations you are a
part of and the entire world into their full potentials. The applications are
awesome, and perhaps hold the key to bringing the entire planet to a higher
order of development.

In the few months since we have studied with Vern Woolf and have begun to
apply the principles of Holodynamics to our own lives and to the therapy work
we do with our patients, we have been amazed at the shifts which have occurred,
personally and professionally. Whenever we encounter limitations to growth, we
simply mature the holodynes to their full potential and manifest the result in
the world. This results in changes in all levels of life. When family and
cultural patterns are the cause of difficulties, then the Relive-Prelive
process can quickly and profoundly clear the way. We hope that you, too, will
be able to explore and use the principles of Holodynamics to realize your own
Full Potential Self on our Full Potential Planet, Earth.

Drs. Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman and Robert Ullman are naturopathic and
homeopathic physicians and cofounders of the Northwest Center for Homeopathic
Medicine in Edmonds, WA. They are coauthors of
The Patient’s Guide to
Homeopathic Medicine and Beyond Ritalin: Homeopathic Treatment of ADD
and Other Behavioral and Learning Problems. They can be reached at (206)

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Written by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman ND MSW

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