The Choice to Heal!


This article is about empowerment. It is about taking charge of our healing
process. It is about recognizing whatever blocks health in our lives and making
healing our number one priority.

We create our futures, 100%. Whether or not you believe in karma or
past lives or the law of attraction is a matter of personal belief. The issue
here is, if you knew that you could really create the kind of health and
happiness and relationships that you wanted for yourself, how would your life
change? It often seems easier to let ourselves be blown by the winds of change
(or stagnation) without directly intervening in the process. This style may
require less effort and commitment on our part, yet it rarely gets for us what
we really want.

We were talking recently to a 42 year-old woman who had a kidney
transplant at age 29. She was very afraid she would die of kidney failure prior
to the transplant. Once her sister agreed to donate one of her kidneys, she
knew deep inside that she would be healed. The transplant was highly
successful, she was able to adopt two lovely twin daughters the next year, and
is now the picture of health, and quite happy with her life. This past month
her laboratory kidney values, which her nephrologist still monitors quite
closely, rose slightly. She became quite uneasy, and began worrying that this
was the beginning in a downward spiral, and that she might again be headed for
kidney failure, and possibly death. We shared with her that, instead of just
waiting, helplessly and with great anxiety, for her next blood test results,
she could CREATE the lab values for herself that she wanted. She could examine
and release any blocks to her healing process, flood her kidney with healing
energy, and become the co-creator of her healing rather than a victim. Once she
realized that she was in charge, she was greatly relieved.

The time for healing is now! The place is here. Change, according
to the Buddha, is the only thing in life which remains consistent. Change is
the key to healing. It may be a change of habits or lifestyle or relationships,
a change of medication, a change of attitude. Whatever the form may take, it is
some type of energetic shift which is generally needed for healing to occur. If
we with move with that shift, just like a surfer rides a wave, the result
usually exceed our greatest expectations. If we hold on to our current habits
and beliefs for dear life, as many of us have become used to doing, we remain
frozen in the past or the present, not allowing our wonderful futures to

Many of the patients whom we see tell us clearly, at the time of their
first visit, that their lives are no longer working and they have “had it” with
the way things are going for them. You may remember the woman Judyth wrote
about in “Overcoming Shame” who suffered from years of bulimia, from which she
had nearly died. She had magnified in her mind a rather inconspicuous birthmark
on her face to the point where she couldn’t even imagine being involved in an
intimate relationship. She was convinced that no one could stand to look at her
that closely. When she came to us two years ago, she realized she was creating
for herself a life of isolation and unhappiness. Within a matter of months,
with the help of homeopathy and hypnosis, but due mostly to her readiness for
change, her self-image improved dramatically. She attracted a truly loving
relationship. We will be attending her wedding this summer.

Choosing healing does not necessarily mean no disease will ever
Accepting full responsibility for our lives means accepting the
results or consequences of our choices, whatever they may be. Disease may occur
due to reasons within our without our realm of understanding. Choosing to be
“at cause” rather than a victim, will, however, change the experience of our
disease and allow us to grow and to learn whatever lessons it brings to us.
Healing may occur in many different forms. Healing may result in a
disappearance of all symp-toms, such as in the case of the many spontaneous
remission from malignant tumors. Or, healing may occur in the final moments of
one’s life in the process of letting go and surrendering.

Choice and accepting responsibility is not about blame. Whether we
choose to heal now or later is up to us. There is no right or wrong, good or
bad about it. We determine our own futures. One particular choice may bring
ease and smoothe the rough waters. Another may bring more suffering.

A 65 year-old woman came to us several years ago because she was terribly
overweight. We had a couple of sessions, then she decided to try Nutri Systems
instead. She called again six months ago. She took off 60 pounds through Nutri
Systems, which she promptly gained back.

She was now suffering from severe joint pain due to her weight, and she was
dragging around all the time. She understood that she had to make the choice to
heal, in this case to take responsibili-ty for her own weight. She was ripe for
change. Homeopathy relieved her physical pain. Every hypnosis session we have
done has been a minor miracle in her self-acceptance. She now understands that
her weight gain came about to free her from a stagnant, suffocating marriage
and that she can keep the fruits of her learning without having to hold on to
the weight. She is now able to love herself and to embrace all of herself. Her
excess baggage no longer has a purpose and we anticipate that she can now
release it.

Healing may happen more quickly than you imagine. Be ready for it!
We recently learned a technique which has tremendous potential for changing
and healing individuals, organizations, and the planet. It is called
“Holodynamics” and was developed by Vernon Woolf, Ph.D. A woman attended one of
Vern’s seminars not too long ago. Her greatest fear was of being sexually
assaulted. She learned, in the seminar, a way to release past obstructions and
then to face, and transform her terror of rape. Several days following the
seminar, she took her children to play in a park. A dirty-looking man
approached her with a knife. Remembering her Holodynamics skills, she asked
him, “What do you want?” He replied, “You know what I want”.

She countered with “No, what do you really want?” She caught him off
guard with this question. It resulted, believe it or not, in her sitting down
with him in the grass for the next two hours helping him to find out what he
really did want for his life. You may be scratching your head in amazement as
you read this, and so was he! Her willingness to create change allowed healing
to occur and transformed the situation from a brutal assault into a powerful


Drs. Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman and Robert Ullman are naturopathic and
homeopathic physicians and cofounders of the Northwest Center for Homeopathic
Medicine in Edmonds, WA. They are coauthors of
The Patient’s Guide to
Homeopathic Medicine and Beyond Ritalin: Homeopathic Treatment of ADD
and Other Behavioral and Learning Problems. They can be reached at (206)

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Written by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman ND MSW

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