Taking the Guesswork Out of Selecting Safer Dental Materials

(November 19, 2002 – Colorado Springs) — Reactivity with biomaterials in patients has been a hot topic for debate in the dental community. Clifford Consulting and Research, Inc., a federally licensed laboratory and authority on bio-reactivity testing, located in Colorado Springs, offers a unique screening procedure for determining reactivity between dental materials components and an individual patient’s biochemistry. Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing (CMRT) has enjoyed an accuracy factor of 95+% since its introduction in 1988. It was developed to provide dentists with the necessary information to confidently select and use appropriate restoratives that also represent the lowest degree of reactivity risk to the patient.

Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing (CMRT) helps eliminate the guesswork in choosing safe restorative materials by individually identifying chemical groups and families of compounds that may pose a threat to the patient. By analyzing the patient’s unique immune record of antibodies, individual systemic sensitivities are identified and cross-referenced with the contents of the largest, continually expanding database of dental materials of its kind (currently more than 2700 trade-name products). Each trade-name product is assigned a simple ‘suited’ / ‘not-well suited’ indicator based upon the lab findings, which apply solely to the patient being evaluated. The correlated findings are then reported in a comprehensive trade-name listing of the 2700+ products, arranged in both categorical application groupings and in a general alphabetical master listing. A special summary list containing the trade-names and results for up to 45 preferred products of special interest to the ordering doctor (selected in advance) appears on the report cover to add ‘at-a-glance’ convenience for rapid reference and consultations. These features are all provided in the standard lab fee for every patient evaluated. The dentist can quickly check reactivity findings and then focus on other issues in the materials selection process, substantially decreasing the probability of adverse clinical biomaterials effects and reducing liability risks at the same time.

CMRT has proven useful when dealing with (1) environmentally sensitive patients, (2) with those who have compromised physiological activity, (3) for those who already carry a high body-burden of toxic substances due to workplace or living conditions, (4) for those who suffer from various chronic diseases, (5) for those who are preparing for extensive and expensive restorations, as well as (6) the patient population who have personal and emotional concerns about their care and are exceptionally proactive in working with their doctor. Clifford Consulting and Research, Inc., has found that, in many cases, patients who have exhibited environmental sensitivities or allergies, are prone to illness and disease, or who have a history of physiologic dysfunction, pose a higher risk of complications when non-suitable materials are used. Such conditions not only put the patient at risk, but they also expose the doctor to issues of liability and adverse relationships with patients. CMRT gives the doctor the ability to be more thorough in performing due-diligence in the selection of restorative materials to be used. This offers great peace of mind to patients, both emotionally, physically, as well as professionally.

Although alternative methods of testing such as muscle testing or electro-dermal testing are available, they can be more subjective, painful and tiring to patients, while yielding relatively few results. CMRT’s screening procedure allows Clifford Consulting and Research, Inc., to correlate findings with literally thousands of trade-name materials using only a single blood draw, eliminating much of the discomfort and time consumption of alternative forms of testing. This process makes CMRT not only the most extensive form of reactivity testing method available, but also the most practical and cost effective for the range of products reported. It should be noted that physicians and dentists who utilize both CMRT and electro-dermal or muscle testing find quite good correlation of findings between methods when practiced by skilled testers. The exceptional advantage of the CMRT blood-testing method lies in its ease of use, its greater objectivity and repeatability, the range of products it can cover and greater familiarity of methods and practices by insurance companies, regulatory agencies and licensing boards.

No form of testing is of any value if it is not comprehensive, easily interpreted and available to the doctor in a quick, convenient and accurate way. Clifford Consulting and Research, Inc., has enjoyed a sustained track record of three-business-day turn-around within the United States and Canada and 4 to 5 business days elsewhere on having test results back into the hands of the ordering doctor. The laboratory provides overnight Federal Express shipping for specimens shipped from within the United States, and maintains contact with nearly all of the major international express shipping companies selected and paid by those who ship their specimens from elsewhere. Specimens are nearly always processed and reported on the business day they are received. Clifford Consulting and Research, Inc., provides specimen transport kits at no additional cost to all healthcare professionals, irrespective of the country where they reside. Test results are routinely returned to all doctors, domestic and international, via FedEx at lab expense. Test results can also be made available by fax or by phone consultation as a special request courtesy to the doctor. This can be especially important to those working with emergency patients and short time constraints.

Clifford Consulting and Research, Inc., is a fully licensed interstate laboratory meeting CLIA, US Health Care Financing Administration, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Colorado State guidelines and standards. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, CCR was founded in 1988, after the invention and development of the Materials Reactivity Testing concept from the application of well-proven scientific methods by Walter J. Clifford, who currently serves as CCR President. After providing testing for more than 15 years and for more than 32,000 patients, Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing has become an imperative part of many fine dental and medical practices. Nearly 3,000 health care professionals have ordered testing for their patients, and many make testing a regular and crucial part of the care they provide, especially when working with sensitive patients who have known health problems. CMRT screening has been officially recognized since 1990 as a Preferred Procedure by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) when used as part of a thorough and complete evaluation and treatment protocol for the patient. Today, CMRT is used by professionals throughout the United States and Canada, as well as for patients in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, the Carribean basin, South Africa and Hong Kong .

Clifford Consulting and Research, Inc., offers a multifaceted educational initiative to better facilitate understanding of the issues and principles surrounding biomaterials reactivity. This initiative is dedicated to sharing findings and research, online, in print, in video and on CD ROM as well as in presentations and seminars for full continuing education credit for dental professionals.

Please note that Clifford Consulting and Research, Inc., maintains that while CMRT is intended to be a screening procedure for both least offensive and potentially harmful materials, it is in no way a complete diagnosis, prognosis nor a cure for any disease or condition. Because CMRT is based on an immune response (antibody detection) patients who have been treated with powerful immune suppressant therapies or who have not matured sufficiently to form an adequate bio-record must be given special attention. Patients who present with Universal Reactor status may have reactions and responses that do not facilitate an immune response and antibody generation. Physicians, dentists and other health care providers working with patients in these categories should contact Clifford Consulting and Research, Inc., for professional consultation as to testing effectiveness in these unusual cases before ordering testing. Clifford Consulting and Research, Inc., does not provide any direct consultation to patients.

Testing must be prescribed by a healthcare professional who can legally order clinical lab blood testing in the state, province or country of specimen origin, except as otherwise provided by law.

Information, literature for both professionals and patients, as well as test kits, ordering instructions and shipping supplies are available free of charge upon professional request and directive by contacting Clifford Consulting and Research, Inc., by phone at 719-550-0008, by fax at 719-550-0009, through the lab’s website at www.ccrlab.com on the internet, or by regular mail addressed to Clifford Consulting and Research, Inc.; 4775 Centennial Blvd., Suite 112; Colorado Springs, CO 80919 USA. Contact: Walter J. Clifford.

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