Healthy Computing: From the Heart

At times we feel frustration, anger, hopelessness and resentment. These emotions negatively affect our own health and increase the risk of computer-related disorders and exhaustion. Negative emotions are contagious and affect people around us. Take charge and reduce the deleterious effects of negative emotions when we share appreciations FROM THE HEART.


During the day search for positive thoughts and events you appreciate. Share appreciations with your co-workers and family members. They need not be highfalutin statements. A simple sincere positive comment is all that is needed to share an appreciation (e.g., “Thanks for your email, I really found your corrections helpful”).

If you are having difficulty with a co-worker, make a list of things that occur where you can honestly appreciate something they did. (Ok, it’s stretching it, but you can be thankful for simple things, such as they arrived on time for a meeting!) Remember, every thought and emotion you have affects every cell in your body. Sincerity in appreciation will have a positive impact on your personal health, especially your heart.*

Experiment how simple appreciations change the emotional tone in others. Observe how the person may smile. Also note that you may feel better/happier/lighter when they begin to feel better.

*For more information on the intelligence of the heart read The HeartMath Solution by Doc Childer, Howard Martin and Donna Beech (Harper: San Francisco, 2000).

Copyright 2003 Erik Peper, Ph.D. and Katherine Hughes Gibney

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Written by Katherine HughesGibney

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