Healthy Computing: Move and Sway

We are often captured by the computer and we may sit for hours without
leaving our workstation. We may even take our coffee break at the computer
and continue to work while eating our lunch. This immobile work style may
contribute to our discomfort. Health at the computer is improved by
reducing stress and avoiding immobility. Therefore, many times during the


Push your chair back and stand up (if you are wearing high heels, take
them off). Have your feet shoulder width apart and feel how your feet are
supporting your weight. While you continue to breathe, allow your arms to
hang loosely at your sides. Gently and slowly bend at your ankles. Move
your knees and hips so that your ankle joints move. Do this slowly and
feel how the movement is not just limited to your ankles. As your ankles
move observe how your whole body moves. If your body does not sway, move
your body in rhythm with the movement in the ankles. Continue with small
movements for a few minutes and then shift upward and move your knees,
then your hips, back, shoulders, neck, arms, hands and head. Observe how
your whole body moves when you move one joint.

Optional, listen to gentle music and move rhythmically with the music.

After a few minutes, observe your energy. Are you more alert and loose?

*Adapted from Peper, E. & Gibney, K. H. (2000). Healthy Computing with
Muscle Biofeedback. Woerden: Biofeedback Foundation of Europe.

Copyright 2003 Erik Peper, Ph.D. and Katherine Hughes Gibney
Permission to copy and distribute Healthy Computing Email Tips for
personal use is granted. Distribution or copying of Healthy Computing
Email Tips for commercial purposes is prohibited without prior written
consent of the copyright holders

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Written by Katherine HughesGibney

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