Healthy Computing: More Keystrokes

Are you using your mouse to process email? Do you find that you just leave
your hand on the mouse when reading? Frequent use of the mouse can lead to
hand, arm and shoulder discomfort. Change your patterns and give the mouse
(and your hand) a break when you use MORE KEYSTROKES.


Use keystrokes instead of the mouse when maneuvering through email and the
internet. Following are a few keystrokes that are helpful:

Microsoft Outlook:

  • Use [Ctrl+M] to send or receive a message; if you need to dial-up and
    log-on with your computer, this command will do all for you as well as
    import new messages

  • Use [Crtl+N] to write new messages
  • Use [Ctrl+F] to forward messages
  • Use [Ctrl+R] to reply to messages or [Alt+L] to reply to All
  • Use [Shift+Down Arrow] to select messages to delete
  • Use [Ctrl+Shift+B] to go to the Address Book
  • Use [Ctrl+Shift+V] to move a message to a selected folder

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  • Use [Backspace] to go back a page
  • Use [Tab] to move through links

Netscape Navigator:

  • Use [Ctrl+T] to send or receive email
  • Use [Ctrl+M] to create a new message
  • Use [Ctrl+L] to forward a message
  • Use [Ctrl+R] to reply

Remember to take frequent breaks, regardless of using mouse or keystrokes.
For additional keystrokes see Email Tip 331.

Copyright 2003 Erik Peper, Ph.D. and Katherine Hughes Gibney
Permission to copy and distribute Healthy Computing Email Tips for
personal use is granted. Distribution or copying of Healthy Computing
Email Tips for commercial purposes is prohibited without prior written
consent of the copyright holders

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Written by Katherine HughesGibney

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