Healthy Computing: Relief and Pamper Time

Ok, so youve figured out that we really want you to take breaks. We
suggested you stretch at your desk then, we suggested that you move at
your desk. Now, another reward. Give yourself gentle massages at your
desk. Then when you splurge and get a massage, youll be more relaxed and
feel more pampered. Take time this week to give yourself some RELIEF AND


Gentle movements or massage can help to stimulate blood flow and bring
energy to tired muscles. Following are a few to do during your breaks
(remember to breathe diaphragmatically):

  • Arm and Leg Rubdown: Do this either sitting or standing. Gently squeeze and massage each arm and leg, rubbing from top to bottom as you exhale. Imagine that you are giving a friend or loved one a gentle massage, rubbing out all of the days tension. Finish off by gently rubbing your fingers and hands.
  • Low Back Rub: Do this either sitting or standing. Using the back of your hands, begin by rubbing your buttocks in circles; circle up your back until you pass your lower ribs. Reverse your circles, working down. Change the speed and make the circles smaller or larger.
  • Eye and Face Circles: Sit back in your chair and close your eyes. Use your first and second fingers to make firm yet gentle circles around your eyes. Start from the bridge of your nose and circle along the eyebrows to the corners of your eyes. Now, do the same circle along the lower bone ridge, starting from the nose and working out. Do this circling motion around your mouth, chin, ears and jaw whenever you have time.

Do stretching, strengthening or massage movements throughout the day to
help maintain health.

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Written by Katherine HughesGibney

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