Healthy Computing: Life After Five

“I have more energy” and “I feel a little less tired by the end of the
day” are common comments reported when people begin to integrate micro-and
larger breaks during their computer work. Yes, even with the best
intentions we may forget to take micro-breaks or large movement breaks.
Micro-breaks are 1 to 2-second moments of muscle relaxation to interrupt
the low level static tension while larger breaks include standing up and
movement. This allows the blood to flow in and out, bringing oxygen and
nourishment to the tissue and removing waste products. Prevent discomfort
and increase your energy to have LIFE AFTER FIVE.

How to have LIFE AFTER FIVE:

TAKE MANY MICRO-BREAKS. Every 30 to 60 seconds drop your hands to your lap
and let your arms, shoulders and hands go limp. At the same time wiggle
your shoulders. Use every opportunity such as:
-Dropping your hands to your lap with a plop when reading an email
instead of continuing squeezing the mouse
-Dropping your hand to the side of your body after finishing a web-based
data form

TAKE FREQUENT LARGE MOVEMENT BREAKS. Every 30 to 60 minutes change
positions, alternate tasks, or perform movements for about 1 to 5 minutes.
These large movements assist lymph return, improve blood flow and
redistribute physical strains and pressures, such as disc compression from
sitting. Use every opportunity to change your position such as:

  • Standing up to answer the telephone
  • Walking over to the next desk instead of sending an email
  • Alternating work tasks (e.g., data entry then, filing then, data entry)
  • Standing up and actively performing stretch and strength exercises

    INSTALL A COMPUTER INTERRUPT PROGRAM. These are programs that remind you
    to take breaks. The following programs can be downloaded from the web for
    a free test ride.

  • Stretch break
  • Break reminder
  • RSI Guard
  • Workpace

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    Permission to copy and distribute Healthy Computing Email Tips for
    personal use is granted. Distribution or copying of Healthy Computing
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    Written by Katherine HughesGibney

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