The Power of Enzymes

The marvel of human existence, as complex as it is, and yet functioning as efficient, dynamic, and ordered vehicles of energy and power, are enabled by a collection of chemical forces referred to as enzymes. . Enzymes are essential for everything that goes on in the body, including digestion, breathing, circulation, fighting disease, inflammation, tissue repair, slowing the aging process, and brightening your every day with wellness, energy and homeostasis. As we age, the number of our enzymes decrease, leaving our body vulnerable to health challenges. Our bodies just can’t produce as many enzymes, and those that remain have lost their powerful spark.

There is no other supplement on the market that offers this to you. In my twenty-five years of prescribing enzymes for my patients, I have found that they not only prevent disease but also can heal many chronic health problems prevalent in the world today for which many doctors believe there are no medical solutions. My fascination, love and passion for enzymes began twenty –five years ago. Enzymes saved my life. And if they dramatically changed my life, I thought they would do the same for all of humanity. So I prescribed enzymes for all my patients thereafter. And the clinical results, research and my story will be unveiled in my new book, Enzyme Power: The Supplement Breakthrough That Can Make You Thinner, Younger, and Healthier See Results in Just 14 Days! (Rodale Press) due out October 2004.

Undigested food is the single most prevalent cause of everyday health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, allergies, depression, chronic pain, headaches, undue weight gain, osteoporosis and menopausal or other female health issues.

Enzymes digest food, deliver nutrients, carry away toxic wastes, purify the blood, deliver hormones, balance cholesterol and triglyceride levels, feed the brain, build protein into muscle and feed and fortify the endocrine system. Enzymes also contribute to the healthy functioning of the immune system.

Unfortunately, the average American diet is seriously lacking in the supply of food enzymes. Any form of cooking or processing destroys the enzymes found naturally in food, whether the method involves pasteurization, irradiation, microwaving or steaming. Our current large-scale agriculture business has caused a drastic reduction of enzymes in our soil due to the use of pesticides and fungicides. The enzymes that are available to us are further crippled by inadequate chewing, which is necessary for pre-digestion of foods in the mouth, and our high consumption of things such as coffee, hormone-laden meats, pastries filled with refined flour and sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial fats and margarine.

When we do not eat an enzyme-rich diet, we deplete our enzyme potential without replenishing it. This is why taking enzyme supplements and striving to eat a healthier, organic diet that is well supplied with enzymes is essential for optimal health, and longevity.

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Written by Ellen W. Cutler DC MD

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