Seasonal Allergies

Winning the War against seasonal allergies, no more itchy eyes, runny nose or cold symptoms.

I have been treating patients for over twenty five years, and many of those patients have come to the BioSET clinic for a variety of chronic health conditions as well as those annoying seasonal allergies. BioSET’s success with seasonal allergies has been very impressive. My seminars to health care practitioners all over the world include protocols for springtime allergies, as well as asthma, respiratory problems and food allergies. In fact, I often tell my students. “allergies are easy to clear”
There are three areas of recommendations (they are bulleted) when working with these allergies. And when you abide by these recommendations, you will see results which involve no medications, and no more red eyes. You can finally enjoy spring, and gardening and surround yourself with beautiful flowers? Yes, yes, yes

  • Eliminating sugar and grains is truly the most essential condition. When you eliminate sugars and cereal grains from you diet, most seasonal allergies will be eliminated. It is very simple, and very predictable. Sugars wear on the adrenal glands, the gland that fights allergies naturally. And sugars are empty calories. They fill you up, but offer you no nutritional support and simply cause toxicity, accumulate fat, poison your system, and cause immense and sometimes dramatic allergic reactions. Bacteria, viruses, yeast and mold thrive on sugars. Grains are equally as bad. Grains are actually anti-nutrients. And even if you digest these grains, they remain highly toxic, and troublesome. They can precipitate an autoimmune reaction, causing inflammatory reactions leading to many chronic ailments and conditions which are often not explained by conventional tests or examinations. BioSET can eliminate the cravings for sugars and grains, so you can then eliminate the food easily without feeling deprived or depressed . BioSET does this with the most innovative desensitization technique that exists. BioSET now in 2004 has its own unique software that can truly desensitize items, such as foods on many levels for complete permanent results. When you desensitize sugars, you stop the cravings for all sugars, grains, sweets and alcohol. It is remarkable, astounding and also the key to weight loss and anti-aging

    Karen, age 42 came to the BioSET clinic today ( I have been treating her with BioSET for a couple of months)- for years she has complained of pollen allergies, grass, trees weeds and flowers. The first thing she mentioned to me today when she walked into the clinic, was “I no longer suffer allergies, I no longer need to take medication, I have tons of energy, I can work in my garden and I walk around the house singing” My son remarked, “Mom you are so much happier”. She looks healthy, lost 15 pounds and is beaming. She was thrilled. And she said, “ I haven’t eaten grains in two months.”

  • The second recommendation: Detoxification is imperative. In BioSET I have developed an index for determining toxicity, purification and free radical damage oxidative stress or depletion. This is performed with the BioSET software. People, however can evaluate themselves by answering the questionnaire in “The Food Allergy Cure.” And I routinely recommend homeopathic remedies, for deep organ and gland detoxification. Most everyone is overloaded and burdened with toxins. These toxins can accumulate and compromise our immune system, circulatory system, digestive system and nervous system. They can put excess demand and stress to the body’s organs of detoxification causing massive symptoms, such as allergies. And we think it is the pollens. It may be your own body screaming to get well and detoxify. When these organs are partially or completely paralyzed in their job of detoxifying, toxins accumulate in the blood, cause allergic reactions, disease and the system becomes a breeding ground for unhealthy organisms and foreign cells. Please refer to my chapter in “The Food Allergy Cure” for more information on detoxification, and other avenues to further clean and clear the body. It is most useful and urgently needed by all.
  • The third and the most profound recommendation for eliminating allergies is enhancing your digestion with enzymes. Enzymes which are proteins made in our bodies for digestion and metabolism and taken as a supplement do a remarkable task. They digest our food and help assimilate the nutrients. Most of us, and it is accelerated when we age, are enzyme deficient. Our lifestyle’s, our food choices and our lack of good eating habits precipitate or add to this dilemma. Everyone I meet, in the clinic or in other encounters will usually hear me speak about enzymes and the miracle of these supplements for health. Enzymes will enable you to process your food, feed you body and bring balance and health to your body and mind like nothing else that exists in the healing market place. And digesting your food with enzymes (taken right before you eat) can reduce seasonal allergies, reduce cravings, unlock your energy and life force and most importantly enable you to fight disease and stress. (See my new book on Enzymes due out January 2005- this book can change your life and your health).

    “The Food Allergy Cure” offers an enzyme evaluation and recommendations for enzymes based on the questionnaire.
    “The Food Allergy Cure” is available at most bookstores, and via our website:

    And BioSET is happy to announce the opening of the first BioSET clinic/institute in Mill Valley California 415-384-0200. This is a clinic and an institute for learning the BioSET system. And soon to come we will be offering workshops for consumers. We welcome you to come and learn BioSET, it will change your life.

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Written by Ellen W. Cutler DC MD

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