My allergic rhinitis started well over 20 years ago. At firs,t I was classified as being allergic to house dust. At one stage, I was using a spinhaler, but was constantly tired and breathless.

I consulted a homoeopath, who prescribed vast quantities of remedies.

I began to feel slightly better and also started going to a physiotherapist who specialised in allergy testing. She came up with a long list of foods which I should avoid: wheat, sugar, coffee, chocolate, dairy, yeast and, later, bananas and citrus. She also gave me vitamin and mineral supplements. I followed the diet assiduously and felt much better.

I had a second child and found that, once again, I was totally run down and exhausted. The ‘asthma’ was getting worse again.

Then, I read an article about nasal polyps and my new surgery confirmed that that was what I had. I consulted a homoeopath and bingo! I was breathing and smelling better than I had for years.

After I had my third child the first newborn baby that I had been able to smell! I again became run down and my nasal problems returned. This time, nothing my homoeopath gave me had any effect. I was completely blocked and my ears were perforating in turn every other week.

Next, I tried Chinese herbs and, initially, they acted like a magic potion.

Meanwhile, an ENT consultant identified a deviated septum, which he said was the root of my problem.

After having had two polypectomies in five years, I was finally given a CT scan. I now know that all my sinus cavities are packed solid with polyps and behind them lies infection. There is tissue damage both from previous polyps and the operations. The latest ENT specialist tells me that it will most likely be too large a job to do in one operation. According to him, this will probably be my last attempt at surgery.

Can I trust this doctor? Are there any alternatives? PD, Tonbridge, Kent

WDDTY replies: If you aren’t in total discomfort, you may wish to pursue more alternatives before resorting to surgery or to prevent recurrence. Alternative practitioners: can anyone suggest an effective treatment for this woman?

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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