Foot Care – Step Right Up!

You’ve probably spent a lot of time planning your trip. Now, take some time making certain that your feet will take you everywhere you want to go.

Follow these steps to make walking easier:

  1. Don’t wear new shoes on your trip. Break them in before you leave home.

  2. Wear walking shoes that are lightweight. They should also have firm heels and provide good support for your feet and legs.

  3. Wear shoes with plenty of room for your toes. Choose those made from fabrics that breath, such as leather or canvas.

  4. The best socks to wear are made of orlon. Orlon absorbs excess moisture and keeps it away from your feet.

  5. Wear thongs or sandals at a pool or beach. They provide protection from broken glass or splinters, and help prevent contagious conditions like athlete’s foot.

  6. Be good to your feet. Elevate them if they are tired or swollen. Soak them in a solution of lukewarm water and mild detergent, or cool salt water. Try rolling your feet across a cold pop can. Afterwards, massage your feet with a moisturizer to help improve circulation.

  7. Don’t pop foot blisters. Let them break naturally. Then wash the area, apply an antibiotic cream, and cover with a band-aid.

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Written by American Institute for Preventive Medicine

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