Attention deficit disorders (ADD):

We start off another much awaited Readers’ Broadcast with a recent query on alternative therapies, in particular “Brain Gym”-type exercises, to help children with ADD tendencies. One reader recommends a programme based on the concept of neuro-developmental delay (NDD) and is designed to stimulate the vestibular system and to mature the reflexes and the cerebellum ( ; ). This method, according to the reader, has help children not just with ADD but also dyslexia, dyspraxia, Asperger’s and autism. Other therapies that have been suggested include the Bowen technique; neurofeedback ( ; ); exercises that involve using the limbs independently, such as cross crawling; Sunflower therapy, which encompasses aspects of various holistic therapies including osteopathy and kinesiology ( ); the Neurolink system (; the Holosync system ( ;; the Emotional Freedom technique (; and mindfulness meditation . There has also been some research on special tinted glasses having a beneficial effect by strengthening or altering the neural pathways. All these therapies come at a price, of course, and some have a higher price tag than others. For a cheaper alternative (although presumably more taxing on one’s emotional health), it may be worthwhile sitting out the disorder. According to one reader whose son had ADD, her child simply grew out of ADD and his symptoms largely disappeared on him becoming more mature.

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