CANCER: An alternative that offers real hope

The war against cancer is being lost, and the conventional weapons of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery have limited success. Any alternatives, even those that have been successful in individual cases, are either outlawed, or never properly researched and forced underground.

So a guarded welcome is due to the news that the American drugs regulator, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has approved a clinical trial of Kanglaite, a drug based on a herb from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Kanglaite is now the major cancer treatment in China following a host of successful trials. Admittedly, a lot of research from China tends to be glowing, and thus suspect, but the results have been so overwhelmingly positive that to continue to ignore it is almost a crime against humanity.

Kanglaite is based on a tropical Asian grass called coix (pronounced ‘coy’), or Job’s tears, which is related to corn. The coix plant produces white, bead-like grains that are also used to make necklaces.

The Chinese authorities approved Kanglaite in 1996, since when more than 200,000 cancer patients there have received Kanglaite injections, either as a stand-alone therapy, or along with chemotherapy and radiation.

In clinical trials, it was found to be as effective as chemotherapy among lung-cancer sufferers, but without any of the nasty side-effects. When used with chemotherapy, it was twice as effective as chemotherapy on its own.

The one shame is that the FDA had to wait until coix was put into a drug before agreeing to test it.

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