CANCER: Those who try to help mankind medicine will destroy

The story of Royal Raymond Rife is an extraordinary one. He spent decades perfecting a frequency machine that could reverse most diseases, including cancer. When it was tested on 16 patients with end-stage cancer, 14 were independently declared to be clear of the cancer after treatment, and the remaining two were later given the all-clear after Rife altered the frequency.

It might have been hoped that Rife’s work would have been tested further. But instead, the American Medical Association tried to buy him out and, after he refused, vital research papers began to disappear from his laboratory, and pieces from his meticulously prepared equipment also vanished.

He died in relative obscurity, with his experiments and discoveries all but forgotten. Fortunately, a few pioneers took up Rife’s work, in the face of stiff opposition from regulatory bodies, to offer the treatment to patients considered to be lost causes by doctors.

One such person is Dr Karl Horst Poehlmann, who practices the Rife technique from his clinic in Germany. Karl will be joining us at our two-day Cancer Battle-Plan conference on June 19 and 20 when he will be explaining the Rife method and the level of success he’s achieved with it.

Seats are going fast, so we strongly advise you to book yours today. Tomorrow may be too late! To book now, click on this link:

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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