CANCER SURVIVAL: Is this a breakthrough supplement?

Because cancer is too often an intractable condition, it attracts more than its fair share of therapies that claim a cure or improvement.

One such therapy is the immune enhancer MGN3, which comes with some impressive evidence to support its claim.

Its claim is simple: take this supplement and you will live longer as a cancer patient.

The evidence is taken from a study of 200 patients with a variety of terminal cancers. They were evaluated for 18 months and, over that period they were given MGN3 plus conventional therapies, such as chemotherapy, or conventional therapies alone. Nearly 60% of those in the MGN3 group survived the 18 months, compared with just 34% of those in the conventional treatment group.

The study, carried out by Dr Kihachiro Takahara at the Sano Surgical Clinic in Japan, is the latest of several trials into the supplement as a cancer therapy. All the trials indicate that MGN3 can dramatically increase the number of ‘natural killer’ cells, those that form the immune system’s front-line defences. Takahara’s study showed that those patients whose natural killer cells increased 40% by taking MGN3 recorded an 81% survival rate.

MGN3 is a manufactured supplement comprising rice bran with shiitake mushroom extract, and it’s been clinically proven to boost B and T-cell activity, and heighten cytokine production.

It is manufactured by Lane Labs in the USA, whose website is: http://

(Source: Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, 2003;235: 22).

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