Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is another panacea for health and longevity seekers. Worker bees make this exotic substance their queen bee. And all of us want to be queen or king bees, of course. Royal jelly is definitely an energizer. It is high in certain unique fatty acids, simple carbohydrates, and pantothenic acid, which is supportive of the adrenals. It also contains the other B vitamins, all of the essential amino acids, and many minerals, such as iron, calcium, silicon, sulfur, and potassium. Royal jelly has been used to support weight loss, as it is a rich and energizing nutrient yet low in calories (20 calories per teaspoon), and to treat problems such as fatigue, insomnia, digestive disorders, ulcers, and cardiovascular ailments. Whether this mysterious substance really is a great rejuvenator and supporter of youth and longevity will need to be studied. But many people, especially women, experience an uplifting feeling when they take either liquid or encapsulated royal jelly.

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Written by Elson M. Haas MD

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