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I would like to inform you and your readers of another alternative cancer treatment I have recently heard about.

My partner’s friend was diagnosed with ovarian and breast cancer with lymphoma. This combination of cancers is, I understand, invariably terminal. Her doctors advised chemo- and radiotherapy, and gave her a 60 per cent chance of living for a further two years.

At the same time, a doctor – from one of the Leicester universities – contacted her to see if she would be interested in participating in an alternative-therapy clinical trial. This, she was told, would not interfere with her prescribed conventional treatments.

Nine months later, she was given the ‘all clear’ by her puzzled doctors, who no doubt are extolling the virtues of the poisons they administered to her.

The ‘miracle cure’ on trial (though nothing is proven yet) was, from what I can gather, mandarin oil and grape extract, so I assume pycnogenol was the active ingredient. – Darren Woodiwiss, via e-mail

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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