I feel and sleep well with Welldorm

I read WDDTY vol 15 no 11 with great interest. Pneumonia is something to be avoided – my wife died of it.

With regard to sleeping pills, I would like to draw your attention to an old-fashioned drug I have been taking for about 20 years, with no apparent ill-effects.

I don’t sleep well, and after a trial with benzodiazepines, which gave me hallucinations, my doctor gave me Welldorm, which contains chloral betaine 707 mg. Chloral is also known as a ‘Mickey Finn’; it is combined with betaine, a useful compound containing methyl groups.

I take two when I go to sleep, count to 100 and seldom reach the end – which means about two minutes. This usually carries me through to 4 am, when I take another to last me until my alarm-clock goes off at 7 am. I’m 93 and don’t suffer from any illnesses. – A.J.S. McMillan, Bristol

What Doctors Don't Tell You Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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