Constant sore throats and tonsiloliths:

Gargling with a strong brew made from red sage herb can help soothe the sore throat, says one reader, who also recommends it to singers. Chronic sore throat could also be a symptom to another condition, as one reader found that her sore throat and fever were in fact linked to adult Stills disease ( ). Or it may be something more common such as glandular fever, suggests a kinesiologist, who recommends a good detox programme to sort out the virus and supplements to build up adrenal function. Concerning alternative treatments for tonsiloliths (whitish spots on the tonsils), a reader had his condition cured by “three little white tablets” prescribed by his homeopath. As to what was contained in these tablets remains a mystery but it apparently did wonders for his tonsils, curing his condition literally overnight and keeping those nasty white spots at bay since then.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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