Constant sore throats:

Next up is the reader who has sore throats which reoccur every three weeks, each time lasting six weeks. His hoarseness is accompanied by low energy levels as well as night fevers and terrors. Anyone out there with helpful suggestions? One reader who suffers a similar pattern of sore throats puts it down to a poor immune system. Keep to a healthy diet with no sugar and no alcohol but plenty of fresh juices. While bottles of vino are a no-no, you can hit the vitamin C pillbox instead, advises one reader, with 1000mg of vitamin C every hour for 8 hours on the first day (and second day, if necessary), then drop the frequency to 1000mg every 3 hours for a week, then 1000mg a day. To make sure you don’t overload your system with the vitamin, drink plenty of water to ease the strain of the kidneys during this intensive period of therapy. If the soreness is not just in the throat but also in the entire mouth area, one reader suggests it could be a deficiency in vitamin B12 and folic acid. Homeopathy helped another reader who suffered the same symptoms after a bout of glandular fever. One mother helped her twins avoid having their tonsils taken out with the help of myrrh gargles. She suggests zapping any signs of a sore throat by gargling with 30 drops of tincture of myrrh in 5ml of water, 3 times a day (choose a tincture with a strength of 1:3 at 45%). Her herbalist also suggests applying neat tea tree oil to the glands in the neck twice a day.

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