Glue ear (otitis media):

Next, we have another mother with a health query concerning her three year old. This time, the child has glue ear, to the extent that it is causing hearing loss. How can she avoid the conventional treatment with grommets? What are the alternative remedies? Hopi ear candles seem to have shown significant benefits in treating various ear conditions including glue and overly-waxy ears. Other natural remedies include Aloe vera ear drops; the homeopathic Windflower remedy (potency 6, dissolved under the tongue at bedtime for a week); and cranial osteopathy. Avoid dairy foods and make sure the child is not reacting to an allergy to wheat or yeast. and avoid getting water in the ear – no showers (take baths instead) and absolutely no swimming. Or if you happen to be planning a party, you could ask the child to blow up the balloons _ this is supposed to shift the pressure inside the ear and help clear the build-up. Another rather agreeable way to help glue ear is to sing and skip about. According to one reader, this will help to develop the facial muscles that are responsible for ‘pumping’ the tubes in the ear and prevent the build-up that leads to glue ear.

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