HYPERTENSION: It’s the new prostate

They say that most men, if they live long enough, will die with prostate cancer if not from it. It’s an inevitable process of ageing, it seems.
Now doctors reckon that hypertension could be a similar problem. A new study has found that hypertension is ‘unavoidable’ in people who are older than 80 years. Records of 5,296 participants who have signed up for the long-term Framingham study found that fewer than one in 10 who are 80-plus had normal blood pressure. Three-quarters of them were already hypertensive, and the rest were getting there.
This is music to the ears of the pharmaceuticals, of course. This could mean that everyone aged over 80 will get an automatic prescription for a hypertensive drug, which should speed their entry into the next world.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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