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Magnets and hair loss:

A reader last time wanted to know if anyone had any experience of using magnet therapy for hair loss in women. Unfortunately it’s a question that has failed to attract any responses (yet), but your ideas about hair loss and regrowth continue to come in, and so we’ve combed our way through a few of these.

One reader suggests eating a gruel of fenugreek. Apparently it’s still used topically in Indonesia as a hair tonic. Alternatively try aloe vera gel, which one reader tried on her greyhound’s bald haunches. All the hair had grown back within three months. Well, at this time of the year they talk about the ‘hair of the dog, so it might just do the trick. Another reader suggests Health Kinesiology, which helped her regain all her hair after 30 years. One reader has heard great things about Shaklee’s ProSante Nourishing Scalp Treatment, which our reader has heard has worked on several people.

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