Palindromic arthritis

One reader cautioned against long-term mono food diets such as the grape diet, which was suggested by another reader last week for curing arthritis. While the diet may work well in detoxifying the body in the short term, it would still need quality amino acids to have the full detoxification effect. If they are not available in the diet, the detox ability of the liver drops considerably and there can be dangerous toxicity and free radical damage. For arthritic pain relief, another reader recommended trying the homeopathic remedy Rhus Tox (Rusty Gate). Start with 30c, then building up to 200c, 1M, 10M, then 50M at one-week intervals (if the lower potencies already provide relief, take only what is needed). You could also try yucca herb, which is supposed to help arthritis and rheumatis sufferers. Another homeopathic remedy, Rhododendroneel, is also claimed to be very effective in treating arthritis. It’s so good it has even saved the lives of arthritic horses who would have otherwise been destined for the knackers, said the reader who recommended the product.

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