In 1991, Dr Michael Carpendale and his colleagues at the Veterans Administration Hospital in San Francisco showed that HIV could be 99 per cent inactivated using only 0.5 mcg ozone/mL of human blood, and completely inactivated by concentrations of 4 mcg/mL of human blood, neither of which were harmful to healthy cells (Antiviral Res, 1991; 16: 281-92). Early studies by the team had indicated that ozone could boost T-cell counts and eliminate infection for more than five years (Ozone in Medicine: Proceedings of the 11th Ozone World Congress, Stamford, Conn: International Ozone Association, 1993).

Another American study in vitro found that ozone completely deactivated a cultured cell medium containing HIV-1 without causing significant damage to non infected cells (Blood, 1991; 78: 1882).At Moscow’s Institute of Virology, scientists used a concentration of 4 mg/mL of ozone on an HIV infected culture. Within minutes, the cell containing the virus had decomposed and died (Kornilaeva GV et al, in Ozone in Biology and Medicine, Nizhni Novgorod, 1992, p 86).

A study by the Canadian Armed Forces to determine the ability of ozone to kill HIV, hepatitis viruses and herpesvirus in blood for transfusion found that three minute ozonation of blood spiked with one million HIV-1 particles per millilitre achieved 100 per cent deactivation of the virus (Can Med Assoc J, 1993;148: 1155-60).

Another study of five AIDS patients by Dr Frank Shallenberger resulted in an immediate increase in T cells, relief of symptoms of opportunistic infections and higher energy levels with ozone treatment (Proceedings of the 4th International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Conference, Oklahoma City, IBOM, 1993).

According to a German study of 27 patients by Dr Horst Kief, who pioneered the development of autohomologous immunotherapy (AHIT) using ozone, 80 per cent of the patients survived more than 18 months and 70 per cent more than 45 months with his treatment. This represents a much higher percentage than those treated conventionally (Ozone and the AHIT Therapy in AIDS Patients, Ludwigshafen, Kief Clinic, 1993).

At present, Dr Juliane Sacher of Frankfurt has one of the largest medical practices treating AIDS patients with ozone.

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