A peppery boost to circulation

I have just read the January issue of WDDTY and can confirm the benefits of chelation therapy. This therapy can be quite expensive, but it gave me excellent results. However, the biggest problem for me was travelling from my home in Plymouth over to London twice a week. I was just about to take a booster course of 10 treatments, when I discovered cayenne pepper in a book by Dick Quinn. It is a remarkable herb, and one of the benefits I have found is a marked improvement in my circulation. Before I discovered the recipe, I had permanently cold feet, and even with an electric blanket, it sometimes took over an hour to go to sleep.

Now, I am sitting here typing this letter, and my feet are tingling with warmth, thanks to this mixture that I take several times a day. I grind fresh peppers with root ginger and garlic into a paste with a drop of olive oil. I try to use Habenero peppers or Scotch Bonnet, which are the hottest and best. African birdseye is also easier to buy, but not so effective. I take a full teaspoon mixed in an ounce of tomato juice, not less than three times each day. You can go up to 16 times a day, and the results are felt almost immediately.

The only danger is remembering to wash your hands thoroughly after mixing the peppers. Once, I gently touched the side of my eye and cried for an hour.
I recommend the book, which is entitled Left for Dead, and have every confidence that cayenne pepper is going to add years to my life.- James Reynolds, Plymouth.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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