Dental Wellness: Frequently Asked Questions

Dental Wellness

Q. What is dental wellness; isn’t it the same as dental health?

Q. I brush and floss everyday, yet I still have dental problems. What’s the story?

Q. What about diet and dental health?

Q. I can’t chew well, will this cause me problems?

Q. I’ve liked what you’ve said, and your approach. How do I go about finding someone like you in my area?

Tooth Care

Q. There are so many toothpastes on the market, how do I know which one to choose?

Q. My gums are receding, what causes this and what can I do to grow them back?

Q. I can’t stand to floss, is there some other alternative?

Q. I notice a bad taste in my mouth, what mouthwash should I use?


Q. There is a controversy about the safety of fluoride, what is real?

Q. What are the effects of fluoride?

Q. Are there alternatives to fluoride?


Q. When I chew, I have pain. What should I do?

Q. I have tooth pain and I can’t get to my dentist, what can I do naturally?


Q. Are all filling materials the same?

Q. How do I know what filling is right for me?

Q. You’ve talked about mercury fillings. What’s the real story?

Root Canal

Q. There seems to be a lot of confusion about root canals. Are they good for you?

Q. Have you ever seen root canals work?

Q. If root canals don’t work and my dentist says I need one, what should I do to save my tooth?

Q. What if I have an immune system problem?

Q. Can I prevent root canals?


Q. I’ve heard a lot about TMJ – what is it and how do I know if I have it:

Q. From what you’ve just described I do have TMJ, what could be causing it?

Q. What can I do about my TMJ problem?

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Written by Jacob Trager DDS

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