Achilles tendon

This man has had a sore Achilles tendon for the past four years; anything that puts pressure on the Achilles – such as ankle supports – aggravates the condition. If he runs his hand down his Achilles he can feel a swollen area (it feels like scar tissue) and it is tender to the touch. Can anyone suggest a solution for this problem? A small (quarter to half inch) heel lift can provide some release. Massage therapy would also help – maybe find a good spa or health club. And according to website, you should do your tendon-stretching exercises after running instead of before. Finally, never underestimate the power of a good pair of running or cross-training shoes. New Balance, for example, offers a more personally tailored range of “micro-sizes.” One hockey player wrote in with the following advice: get to a physiotherapist and ask for ‘friction massage’ to dissipate the scar tissue – it’s painful but it works. Also get hold of a ‘wobble board’ and apply ice three times a day for a maximum of ten minutes at a time.

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