ANYONE LISTENING?: When it comes to vaccines, apparently not

Regular readers of the E-news bulletins will have followed the saga of the MMR vaccine and the potential link to autism.

Despite the concerns of parents, which has seen take-up levels fall to a new low, doctors are pressing ahead with plans for a new multi-vaccine to be given to babies.

The new ‘supershot’ will fight up to six separate illnesses, and the current MMR jab may also be extended to cover chickenpox.

Aside from the concerns about autism, this new vaccine also raises a number of other worries. Primal health researcher and WDDTY panelist Dr Michel Odent has been studying the impact of multiple vaccines on an immature immune system, both in the immediate term and right through to adulthood.

He is concerned that an immune system, compromised at such an early stage, could herald a range of systemic and chronic conditions of adolescence and adult life, such as asthma and arthritis, which have reached pandemic levels.

But if UK health officials are that unfazed by the autism concerns, they’re unlikely to be losing too much sleep about Dr Odent’s research.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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