B6: How low can we safely go?

A group of leading nutritionists in the UK is questioning the Food Standards Agency (FSA) proposal to restrict the safe upper limit of vitamin B6 to below 250 mg.

In a letter to the FSA’s chairman Sir John Krebs, they point out that they have prescribed thousands of doses above 250 mg without having a single case of neuritis or neuropathy.

High-dose supplementation is regularly given to treat cancers, premenstrual syndrome, gestational diabetes, depression, Down’s syndrome, chronic fatigue and severe sleep disorders.
‘We will have patients who will become severely depressed, acutely suicidal, hormonally imbalanced and have irreparable nerve damage from not enough B6,’ they state.

Who in the government, they ask, will take on the responsibility for any claims of malpractice that may result from this restriction.

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Written by What Doctors Don't Tell You

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